What should i wear?

The famous question! Of course, you want to be comfortable, and in a color that "suits" you. Decide the vibe of your pictures. Do you want to be dressy? Casual? Somewhere in between? Find inspiration to help guide your decision. With family photography, you don't want to have any outfits ``competing." While I am inspired by adventurous & stylish attire in my everyday life, with professional pictures that you hope to have for life, it is best to keep things neutral & simple. I am a big fan of whites & blues. 

What if there is bad weather?

Not to worry! We will find a mutually agreed upon day to reschedule. On a sunny, blue sky day, the best time of day to take pictures is within 90 minutes before sunset, and within 90 minutes after sunrise. Cloudy/ grey days are just as fabulous for pictures!  

What should i bring?

A backup outfit for young kids is never a bad idea. For outdoor shoots, a picnic blanket that you could sit on, a fun toy for the kids (kite, a ball, something they love that won't get them dirty!). Get creative. It makes for the best pictures! If we are shooting at your home, I love a fresh floral arrangement as a photo prop.

How long will I have These Photos?

After professionally edited, the digital file of selected pictures are yours to keep for life. You will have access to the fully edited photos via Kelsey Glading Photography photo platform for 1 year. I would suggest downloading them to a computer (or two) and the cloud. 

How long does it take to receive the fully edited photos?

Unless noted otherwise, pictures will be delivered within 15 days of the photo shoot. 

Anything else?

Don't know what package you want? Give me a call and we talk through logistics. Mom's - don't be afraid to treat yourself to a blow out! If something comes up the day of the scheduled session, don't panic. I want to take pictures on a good day for everyone.  

The best way to reach me is to text me!